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At Venterra Real Estate we have multiple programs to fit your business. Do you need leads? Coaching? Signs or systems? Better splits? We offer it all, with more comprehensive training and support then any other brokerage in Colorado.

Lets dive straight into the goods. The star of our programs is the Full Service Lead Program. Full Service is in a nut shell everything you’ll need to grow your business, make more money and have more time doing the things you love.

FSLP is not for everyone. Some of you might already have a robust business, or you might already have your own systems and coaches. If you are already doing 15+ deals a year, we have a couple great programs to help grow your business more or the option of a 100% commission program. If you have a team, VRE is where you should be! Ask me why…

Details on the Full Service Lead Program.

Becoming a successful real estate agent isn’t an easy task. The most successful agents in our market worked hard, had a plan, and were consistent day after day. Joining the Full Service Lead Program is a great way to jump start your career.

Look over the list of items. You get everything. All you need to do is take care of DORA and PPAR/Local Board. This is the most comprehensive program being offered in our industry today.

The best part of FSLP is once you have established a business, and you learn the systems that lead to building an awesome database, you can move up to a new program. We want to help serve you the agent, to build a robust business that you can make into a repeatable and predictable model.

We also offer a Buyer Lead Program, a Seller Lead Program, a Service Only Program, and of course 100% commission program.

The best part of all these programs is you will never pay a Desk Fee, Monthly Fee, Franchise Fee, or Yearly Membership Fee. The only fee you will ever see is a transaction fee/Admin fee to help pay our compliance portion of our business.

In the Full Service Lead Program there is a split, but compared to normal team splits you will keep far more of your hard earned money.

The foundation of the Full Service Lead Program is very team centered.  The culture of what we are doing is very focused on helping each other become the best agent possible. The reality is you are not on a team. You are building your business, your brand, your vision and you’re doing all of that with like minded people. Culture is an important part of this program.  We build one another up, get coached and trained together to maximize our potential.

Weekly we have accountability coaching, reviewing your database for maximum success, training on open houses, contracts, systems, offline prospecting, online prospecting, goals, business planning and much more. On top of that you get a managing broker that will be there to answer questions, review contracts, and support you during deals.

I have spent many years in this business and have been coached and trained by some of the best in our industry. I have spent thousands of hours learning and training and applied what I have learned to become a Peak Producer in the Pikes Peak Region.

If any of this info is interesting or maybe you want to explore your options, please call, text or email me. I would love the opportunity to meet you and show you a program that would fit your business today!

For more info Contact Phillip @ 719-651-1770